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Frequently Asked Question about my Emini Trading Course

Q. Do you guys trade or do you just make your money selling systems?
A. We trade! In fact all of our new videos are done in real time — Real Money-Real Results to show our system working with real money in real time! Trading is my life and it's what I do! I love to teach and it's a very gratifying endeavor.
Q. I've heard that it's impossible to make money every day trading, yet you say its plausible, can you comment on that?
A. Certainly. Floor traders have been doing it for decades! Realize our strategy is very unique to most other strategies/systems available. We trade on tick data with a set of rules, that if followed can be very profitable, every single day!
Q. Do I have to have NinjaTrader to trade your system? Do you sell & support NinjaTrader?
A. You can use whatever charting provider you choose. We use and prefer NinjaTrader. We do have some limited support we can offer on NinjaTrader, such as setting up your charts etc. However, NinjaTrader has some spectacular training videos, manual, and webinars. Best of all, it's demo platform is free to use! Learn more at www.ninjatrader.com/support/
Q. Can I trade more than 30 to 90 minutes a day?
A. Yes. You can break it up into two sessions if you like. Perhaps a morning session and afternoon session and go for 1 point each.
Q. Can I trade for more than one point a day?
A. My emini trading course has advanced material for those who WANT to trade all day and earn more than one point a day. That's fine to do, provided that you have the risk capital to do so and that you understand the risks of trading.
Q. Can I use this with Eminis other than the S&P?
A. Yes! The Tick Trader Course works great with other markets such as the 30 year bonds, Erussell, and Dow Minis. Many of our students trade other markets with our system.
Q. What is a Day Trading School?
A. Many websites offer day trading training where you have to attend a classroom in a school. If you are not near one of these "schools", you are out of luck. I offer my course as an "at home" learning experience. You learn at home to earn at home.
Q. How much money do I need to start?
A. Most brokers require a $5000 starting balance.
Q. Can I feasibly make an income with a $5000 opening balance?
A. It is very feasible — assuming you understand the risks involved in trading the emini markets, understand the rules, and have discipline. Check out my business plan. You will see that trading a conservative 3 contracts potentially earns 35K a year. If you compound for just a couple months, this potential turns into a very handsome 6 figure income. Please note that my business plan is merely a hypothetical example.
Q. Can you recommend a good broker?
A. Yes, Send me an email.
Q. How long will it take to learn The Tick Trader Methods?
A. I believe after you watch ALL the videos, you can be underway in about a week. It's important to watch all the Training, Live Trading, and Daily Videos to help build a strong foundation. It's vital that you trade on simulator for several weeks until you feel comfortable trading with real money. My emini trading system is very accurate, but: All trading involves risk! It is paramount that you fully understand and follow the rules of our emini system! The Live Trading Room is a great benefit as you can hear what I am doing in real time.
Q. What kind of support will I receive from you?
A. Traders Education LLC and its agents offer unlimited email support. Individual email support can be time consuming so we limit our responses to normal business hours although they are most always addressed within hours!
Q. There are many other emini trading courses available, why should I buy yours?
A. Simply put, The Tick Trader stands out based on its time tested methodologies and the support you receive. My daytrading methods have consistently delivered over the years! Let's face it, any price is a bargain for this kind of material considering the support you get, The Live Trading Room, Members Only Message Forum, and the Daily Videos. We offer a great emini trading system at a very low price—genuine value! This is what you get:
  1. My Comprehensive Emini Training Videos.
  2. Daily Videos - Online videos of RECENT trades to help you learn my techniques.
  3. Ongoing email support.
  4. New Live Trading Room! Where we talk about the emini trades in real time!
  5. New members only Message Forum. (A great benefit that allows you to network with hundreds of Tick Traders!)
  6. 60 days of free access to the Live Trading Room and Members Only Forum - a small monthly fee will apply after 60 days. (effective April 2009)
  7. REAL time tested e-mini trading strategies that have the potential to deliver an income every single day the market is open!
Investing in a futures trading course is just that, an investment. Therefore you need to do your due-diligence and find the course that will deliver. We believe our emini trading system to be one of the best available at a very affordable price.
Q. You mention discipline quite a bit. Why?
A. It's that important. Whether you purchase my day trading course or someone else's, you need to be disciplined to follow the rules to the letter. If you cannot follow rules and you are an undisciplined trader — you WILL lose your money trading! I highly recommend purchasing Direct Your Mind. I use this daily and I highly recommend it.
Q. Can I pay for my course in installments?
A. No. A one time payment is required. Please read our CFTC Disclaimer linked from the bottom of my home page. You should be well capitalized to trade futures and should not be trading with money you can not afford to lose. If you can not make a one time payment, you may not be ready for trading!
Q. What if I lose my internet connection while I am in a trade?
A. You need to CALL YOUR BROKER IMMEDIATELY. Personally, I always have a back up computer with a Verizon Internet Card ready to go in case my cable modem goes out. It's very prudent to have a backup and have your broker's number on speed dial. I have not had this happen to me, but I am certain it could!
Q. I know I can make money when the markets go up. Will I lose when they go down?
A. This is a good question. Of course if you are in a long trade and the market is going down — you will lose! Our Emini System alerts you to short and long trades! Of course trading involves risk and you must be willing to accept those risks before you trade with real money. If you do not understand "shorting" please check out our beginners primer.
Q. You state the Tick Trader Day Trading Course© makes money every day, what about draw-downs? Do you have them?
A. OF COURSE! We never claim to win every trade. That's impossible. A lot of new traders make the mistake of overleveraging their trading accounts!! I personally use a 3500:1 margin. Meaning I trade 1 contract for every $3500 in the trading account. A beginner should consider using a higher amount, such as 4000:1 or more!. Most days are quick for us. We make our money and leave the table. Other days are tough! We have to work at it! We do experience intraday drawdowns, however The Tick Trader Methods teach you how to react, respond and recover! Trading is not easy. This is why The Tick Trader Day Trading Course® has very strict rules. Recovering from losing trades is a very important aspect of all trading. Our Emini course teaches how we recover from losing trades!
Q. Do you have a Live Trading Room?
A. We do. Our Live Trading Room can be accessed by entering the Members Area. A moderator will be there just before the market open and stay until finished for the day and all questions answered. Typically we are in the room from 9:25 AM (Easternâ€"just before the bell) until 10:15 - 10:30 AM Eastern.
Q. If day trading the eminis is so easy, why isn't everyone doing it?
A. Day trading is NOT easy. If it were, everyone WOULD be doing it. Trading is risky and you must accept these risks before you trade with real money! Trading can be very lucrative. A skilled trader can make a very nice living day trading the eminis! To be a successful emini trader you need to first trade with money you can afford to lose. You must have discipline, good money management skills and a system that works! The Tick Trader Day Trading Course is a very good course that can teach you how to successfully trade the e-mini futures. But realize we cannot teach you discipline. You must learn the rules and follow them if you want to be a successful emini trader.

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