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Day Trading for a Living

This page is the 4 parts series we titled: Day Trading for a Living. We want to make more of these kinds of emini trading videos in the future as many people wrote me wanting more! Let’s face it, not everyone can day trade for a living, you need a certain kind of temperament, some discipline, a system. The important thing to have is a plan. These emini trading videos are just a peek of what it is like to day for a living if you are interested. If you have other suggestions of video series you would like to see us create, please do drop us a line. And, please feel free to sign up for our mailing list if you’d like to be alerted of the latest releases in software or videos or webinars. It matters not if you are current student or a reader of my blog or a passerby. Everyone’s requests are taken into consideration.

Day Trading For A Living: Part 1 of 4

Day Trading For A Living: Part 2 of 4

Day Trading For A Living: Part 3 of 4

Day Trading For A Living: Part 4 of 4



David Marsh