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Journal Dow Emini One Trade Per Day June 28 2017

It was a slow day today.  Generally I do not take trades if they trigger past 11 AM.  That is not a “set in stone” rule. It’s just a guideline I like to use because I do not want to trade all day.  I was around all day anyway managing some other positions so I finally grabbed a trade right after lunch. It was a grind but it ended up being a winner. I went short 21414 and exited out at 21394 with my 20 ticks.

Remember on the Dow Emini 1 tick is $5.00 so 20 ticks is $100 profit per contract. Trading 4 contracts put’s me at $3,934.88 after commissions!  This month I’ve had 82% winners.  This IS an above average month. Historically this system averages about 75%. It’s worth noting that during this month I had 2 days that we did not have trades:  6/28 I was gone all day but that trade would have won and 6/15 we did not have a fill – that one would have won as well. So yeah, it’s been a pretty fantastic month.

I will be holding a webinar after the July 4th weekend to discuss roll out of the One Trade Per Day (OTPD) Replication service! Stay tuned!

Here’s the charts, trading statements, and spreadsheet:

chart spreadsheet statement


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