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Following The Rules

Whichever system you end up using, whether it be a hybrid creation of your own, or someone else’s tried and true day trading strategies, one of the most important parts of the trading attitude is to follow YOUR OWN RULES. I have written numerous articles on this topic and my students get an earful from me about it as well. This is so important to your success and longevity as a day trader if you have any plans to emini trade for a living or even part time income. You need to know what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. When the chips are down, what is your trading plan? Do you trust yourself to follow through with that plan against the weight of your emotions? These are some very important questions to ask yourself before and during your trading career. You need to be prepared for the down days. You need to be realistic and manage your expectations. No course, no teacher, no one can give you your rules. You can learn what others do, but in the end, rules are a personal choice. These videos are some of my own rules.

Emini Trading : Following The Rules Part 1

Emini Trading : Following The Rules Part 2



David Marsh