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Emini Dow Day Trading Journal June 16 2017

We had an awesome week. Every trade won. We were not filled on a trade Thursday, however.  Today we had a great short pre-market but it was too early to catch.  After the open we had 2 signals that never triggered and then finally around 1030 or so we caught a nice long trade! Long at 21287 and out 21307 for a quick 400 bucks!

Stats this month are downright phenomenal! 10 trades total. 9 winners / 1 loser.  Win rate 90%. Trading 4 units I am up $2,926.40.  You truly can make a decent income trading small contracts and trading just one trade per day!  Gotta love it.

In a few weeks we will launch our trade replication service.  If you are interested watch this quick video and give me a call!  Statements, spreadsheet, etc are below the video:


chart screenshot spreadsheet statement+jpeg+june+16


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