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Advanced Trading – December 4, 2012 – ALL WELCOME!

Hello Everyone –Well we are back from our 3rd Live Advanced Class this year and it was Excellent as always. Because so many of you have been requesting a update in what Emini Trading Strategies is doing now since the course is no longer sold online, we are here to tell you. We have moved our focus on the advanced techniques taught in a Live environment. The Advanced Class is all about getting that one-on-one personal attention to assure each student fully understands and comprehends our methodologies. The first 3 classes, you needed to be a student to attend and now we are taking a limited number of non-students for our December 2012 Class. Now is the time to jump on board if you were shut out in June. Don’t miss this opportunity! It is very beneficial to get the hands on training and it will help accelerate your learning immensely.

Now to update you on our Advanced Traders. Today, they had 7+ POINTS of gains by 11:00 using our Advanced Strategies!!

Wow, We had a GREAT WEEK!
Monday we had 5 advanced trades with a net of + 3 points – Tuesday +7.5 points Wedensday +3.75 points Thursday- this was contract rollover + FOMC so we sat on the sidelines Friday – As mentioned above +7 points by 11:00 and finished the day with +5.5 points. to say the least, Our Advanced System is ROCKING!

The advanced strategies we teach excites everyone because they lack the subjectivity that trip up some traders – with these techniques, there is none! No chops, no reversals, no asking yourself whether to reverse or go flat. This is a much more relaxed way to trade while minimizing the emotional impact.

We did hold a webinar on Friday afternoon to go over a few things about the class. I would like to thank Kim and Kevin for stopping in the webinar and talking for a few minutes to all those interested in attending the class. If you are interested in viewing the recorded webinar, please feel free to email or give me a call.

We also announced in the webinar Friday that our
4th Advanced Class is December 4th-7th in Jacksonville, Florida

We’ve had a lot of interest in this class already and truth be told – I want EVERYONE of you to attend! It is truly that good! Trading is a life changing skill and this experience will put you at the next level.
For you new traders, please contact me and I will go over some details with you if you are interested.
We look forward to teaching You!



David Marsh